November 10, 2018

The new work produced this summer will be nominated as a finalist in “COMITÉ COLBERT AWARD 2018”, and an exhibition will be held at the University Art Museum (Tokyo University of the Arts) in the middle of next month. As admission is free, please come by all means.

(Exhibition summary)
The Colbert Committee Japan and Tokyo University of the Arts will hold a joint project “COMITÉ COLBERT AWARD 2018” for the purpose of fostering future culture and artists. A student of Tokyo University of the Arts created an art work on the theme of “People and Nature in the modern world”. We will present the works of 12 people selected in the primary screening at the “COMITÉ COLBERT AWARD 2018”. Furthermore, we will select 3 excellent works from among them.
Nature is important in Japanese culture, but it has also become an inspiration for luxury designers and artists. Please see how young artists express this universal theme.


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