ash wood, brass, resin


The Grand Prize winning work of art competition “COMITÉ COLBERT AWARD 2018” sponsored by Tokyo University of the Arts and Colbert Committee (luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes etc participate). 2018 theme is “People and Nature in the Modern World”

Since the dawn of history, we have repeatedly struggled to find a universal form to be achieved. At the same time, despite the desire for coexistence with nature, it is nothing other than continuing to face the dilemma that it does not come true without forcing physical constraints.
If the master-slave relationship between people and nature in the present age breaks, these orders are reset once. “Anima” is a collection of unusable furniture depicting the modest counterattack by nature aimed at departure from the fixed form, and the world of the human being who is at the mercy of them.
(Chairs that can not sit, sideboards that can not be opened, tables and decorative shelves where you can not put things)


Independent work

Production & Photography: Natsumi COMOTO



:: COMITÉ COLBERT AWARD 2018 -People and Nature in the modern world-

Manufacturing Techniques: Wood machining, Resin casting