In the morning, wake up in the sunlight. If you go out, you will feel the fragrance of the season, and when the sun goes down you will fall asleep and wake up with the sun. In recent years, this common cycle is being disturbed. SPILIA is the house of light and shadow standing in the forest. Architecture that awakens memories of nature in the depths of people.

Detail: The ceiling is fitted with round and square opening and closing screens (sliding doors) and does not require ceiling lighting. Although it is a shoji which is excellent for partitions and lighting from ancient times, by harmonizing this soft and beautiful light with concrete, it creates organic warmth to the building. The window is a mirror that shows the change of the season, but this skylight changes its expression depending on the weather. When it rains, a small pond appears on the rooftop, and the light of the water floating in the wind falls into the room through the window. If you look up at the ceiling in the bedroom, you can see the flickering star’s light overhead.