Table & Stool

aluminium, motor, sensor


FLAT is an aluminum furniture series of table, vase, and chair. At first glance, the table looks ordinary, but as one moves closer to it, the vase slowly approaches. The form is as if it were made from a single aluminum plate. In fact, the joint between the side and top plates is impossible to fold with a machine (press brake), so it is welded and then carefully polished to give it a partially folded finish. When the top panel of the table is removed, the main machine for sensors, linear guides, and program operation can be seen inside, and the machine is made with easy maintenance in mind. I aimed for a mechanically rational design by not making the part where the machine comes in a complete secret box, but rather exposing it to some extent so that the structure can be seen.


Independent work

Production & Photography: Natsumi COMOTO

Production cooperation: Takatoshi Yoshida, Shingo Kitagawa

Manufacturing Techniques: Sheet metal working, Welding, CNC milling machine (Vase), Water jet cutting, Programming